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Analisis Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kepuasan Kerja Karyawan

PT. Maxim Sidoarjo

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Abstract: Human resources as the most important element of organization or nation, cause human who producing goods and value service for organization or nation, and valuable products determined life level and people prosperity degree. Therefore it is fairly that all parties feel concerned with various problems of human resources.

Based on such findings, the researcher suggesting to PT. Maxim Sidoarjo to improving employee work satisfaction, then necessary be paid attention are : company leader shall be cooperation  to improving overall employee work satisfaction, it is very important in order to maximizing result, high work satisfaction able to increase productivity and effectiveness of employee work, then company leader get oriented above factors, by emphasize  on recognition  factor as well as other variables which significant toward work satisfaction, in order to improving productivity and effectiveness of employee work.

 Keywords :     Analysis of some factors which influencing employee work satisfaction.

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